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Granville II Truck Bed Tent Price: $250 (as of 03/01/2024 03:00 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Offroading Gear 6.5ft Truck Bed Camping Tent w/Awning | Waterproof | Portable | Compatible with F150| Ram| Sierra| GMC| Nissan| Etc.

Granville II Truck Bed Tent – Transform Your Truck into a Cozy Oasis

Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Effortless Setup with the Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Offroading Gear 6.5ft Truck Bed Camping Tent

Offroading Gear 6.5ft Truck Bed Camping Tent

Are you ready to elevate your truck camping game to a whole new level? If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with a maze of tent poles or battling Mother Nature’s surprises, the Granville II Truck Bed Tent is about to revolutionize your outdoor adventures.

Features: Let’s begin with what sets this innovative tent apart. The Granville II boasts a range of features that make it a game-changer. From the color-coded pole system that simplifies setup to the built-in waterproof flooring, it’s designed with convenience and comfort in mind.

Advantages: The advantages of the Granville II are clear from the get-go. Imagine arriving at your campsite, tired from the day’s journey, and within minutes, your cozy shelter is ready. No need for complicated instructions or tools. With this easy setup truck tent, you’ll be relaxing in no time, savoring the beauty of the great outdoors.

Benefits: Now, let’s talk about the benefits, because that’s what truly matters. The Granville II isn’t just about putting up a tent; it’s about the experience. You’ll revel in the simplicity of camping with a tent that adapts to your truck bed with ease. From the unexpected rain to the need for privacy in a crowded campground, this waterproof truck bed tent has your back. You’ll enjoy peaceful nights, uninterrupted by nature’s surprises, thanks to the privacy it provides.

Are you ready to discover the ultimate in truck bed comfort with the Granville II? Owners of trucks across the continent can’t get enough of this remarkable setup, and we’re about to tell you why. Get ready to explore the fantastic features of the Granville II that will have you longing for your next adventure.

Configuring Your Comfort – Easy as Pie!

Setting up your Granville II is a breeze. In just a few minutes, you’ll have it all sorted out, thanks to the color-coded poles and easy-to-follow instructions. While it’s even simpler with a buddy, don’t fret; you can absolutely tackle this solo.

Scratch-Resistant Clip for Your Prized Truck

The Granville II comes with a scratch-resistant clip featuring an elastic band to ensure a snug fit for your truck. It’s compatible with the finest curtains on the market. Every size of the Granville II is designed to fit truck bed areas ranging from 6.4′ to 6.6′. Check the measurement guide in the image or measure your truck bed area with the tailgate up. It suits almost all trucks, including Ford F-Series, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra, and more.

Specifications and Equipment

Offroading Gear 6.5ft Truck Bed Camping Tent

Offroading Gear 6.5ft Truck Bed Camping Tent

  • Granville II Tent
  • Rain-Resistant Fly
  • Color-Coded Fiberglass Poles
  • Properly Sized Carrying Bag
  • Gear Loft
  • Stakes/Tie-Downs for Front Awning (ONLY for front awning)

Make Sure It Fits – You Won’t Be Disappointed

Fits almost any 6.5-foot truck bed: The Granville II tent is the perfect fit for nearly any short bed truck with a 6.5-foot bed, offering comfortable sleeping space for two adults.

Built-in Flooring: It features an integrated waterproof floor, ensuring you stay dry and clean during your truck bed slumber.

Privacy-Packed – Mesh Windows and More: Each of the three windows can be securely zipped up for maximum privacy, even without the waterproof cover. Plus, each window comes with mesh windows for that extra touch.

Backdoor Access Window: The rear access window swings wide open, granting you access to your truck’s cabin. Perfect for grabbing items or passing cables into your tent.

Set Up in a Flash: The Granville II is the world’s easiest truck bed tent to set up, thanks to color-coded poles, elastic straps, scratch-free clips, and more.



Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Performance in Adverse Weather Conditions

When choosing a truck bed tent, the ability to withstand challenging weather is crucial. The Granville II Truck Bed Tent is designed to tackle adverse weather conditions head-on. Thanks to its waterproof coating, integrated floor, and windproof windows, it will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. In our tests, it proved to be a reliable choice for year-round adventures.

Helpful Tips for Tent Buyers

If you’re in the market for a truck bed tent, here are some valuable tips to consider.

First, measure your truck bed to ensure a snug fit – the Granville II comes in different sizes to match your specific truck.

Second, think about the weather conditions you’ll encounter. If you plan to camp in rainy areas, opt for a tent with good rainproofing like the Granville II’s waterproof coating.

Third, assess the number of occupants – this tent comfortably sleeps two adults.

Lastly, convenience matters, so look for user-friendly features like color-coded poles and easy setup instructions.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect truck bed tent for your adventures.

If you’re looking for truck camping comfort, the Granville II is your answer. It’s time to explore the detailed features and the ingenious Granville II setup that transforms your truck into a cozy oasis, making your camping adventures effortless and enjoyable.

Granville II Truck Bed Tent

Offroading Gear 6.5ft Truck Bed Camping Tent w/Awning | Waterproof | Portable | Compatible with F150| Ram| Sierra| GMC| Nissan| Etc.

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