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MC Titanium Tent Stove is super light Price: $328 (as of 03/01/2024 03:20 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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MC Titanium Tent Stove is super light

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Lightweight and Portable: Made of titanium, the stove is super lightweight and easy to carry, weighing only 6.17lbs after removing the packing box! Perfect for solo camping!
Durable Titanium Material: Stoves made of titanium are strong and heat resistant. Titanium is harder and stronger than stainless steel. !!Warning: Titanium is much more likely to produce fingerprints compared to stainless steel, and fingerprints do not appear to be very easy to remove. 【It is strongly recommended that you wear gloves first when you open the box and then install the heater】.

MC Titanium Tent Stove is super light
Handy Bag: The store stove is sold with a handy bag included. You’ll pack the stove in this handy bag and then put it in your backpack to go back and forth. It measures 17.7 inches x 13 inches and is only 2 inches thick.

MC Titanium Tent Stove is super light
Keep an eye on the fire: You can easily keep an eye on the fire with the use of the visible windows on the front and right side and the air intake knob.

MC Titanium Tent Stove is super light
User-friendly Design: Rotary dampers can be used to control smoke. And the chimney cap (spark arrestor) can prevent sparks from above and offer protection to your tent.


Security warning

MC Titanium Tent Stove Ultralight
1. Keep the stove free from flammable materials and use it carefully to avoid lighting objects or tents.

2. If you use a stove in your store, be careful to have good ventilation and be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning. (We recommend using a carbon monoxide detector or similar device)

3. Do not pour water on the burning glass or wipe it with a wet towel, as this may cause the glass to break.

4.Wear gloves (such as flame resistant gloves) and pliers when using the stove. Do not handle with pliers or other objects that may cause injury or burns.

Specification: MC Titanium Tent Stove is super light


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